The Bridges Of Madison County (1995) Directed by Clint Eastwood

Illustration Karstein Volle

In the latest My Lawyer Will Call Your Lawyer, Astrid Swan and Nick Triani go deep into the romance of The Bridges Of Madison County and find an enduring classic.

Nick: Throughout his career Eastwood has either represented or presented contrasting views on masculinity. With The Bridges Of Madison County we see the most feminine aspect of Eastwood on screen.

AstridShowing lust and desire from a woman’s perspective, with the woman as an active agent is still rare in cinema. The male gaze continues to overpower. This film shows the woman’s desire and lust for Robert in a way that we rarely see in a movie. In confluence with her other roles (mother, wife, farm carer, an immigrant from Italy) she is an active desiring person, she is also the choice maker in the ending.


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