Best of 2012

It's a fair comment that me and Astrid have probably watched more movies separately than together in 2012. Mine tends to be a late night viewing whilst Astrid's is more a daytime happening. Anyway, here's my Top 5 movies/series of 2012.

1. Red Riding Trilogy (2009)
David Peace's alternative history of the events surrounding the gruesome Yorkshire Ripper case in  1970's Northern England is given a credible three movie treatment. Uncomfortable to watch a lot of the time, these three films which were originally made for TV, offer excellent acting, stunning visuals and a heady, intense atmosphere. Best thing I've watched in ages (and they do the books justice too).

Red Riding: The Year Of Our lord 1974
2.The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Christopher Nolan delivers in the last part of his dark Caped Crusader story ark. Not quite up to the unhinged brilliance of The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises still plays like one of the most intense cinema experiences I've had in a long time.

The Dark Knight Rises
3.Dredd (2012)
Director Pete Travis and script writer Alex Garland stay fairly close to the comic for this no-nonsense tale based on 2000AD's future cop. It's brutal at times and fairly unsubtle. It also lacks some of the comic scripts quirkiness and dry humor. But it makes up for these lapses with  real grit and tense action. Keith Urban makes a very good Dredd too, capturing just the right level of Clint Eastwood like persona and invincible cynicism  Made on a very small budget, Dredd still impresses with it's ambition. Hope they get to make a sequel.

4.Munich (2005)
This could just be Stephen Spielberg's underrated masterpiece. No one dares make a film from the Israeli perspective (except Spielberg it seems) , but here we get the whole story of how Israel exacted careful revenge for the Black September massacre. Powerful, confusing and haunting, this could be the last time that Spielberg felt essential.

5. Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
One of The Beatles' least celebrated endeavors finally got the re-issue treatment in 2012. It's a slight film with a couple of genuinely funny scenes (usually involving either Ringo or John). But it's the music clips that still look stunning, especially McCartney's Fool On The Hill, Harrison's Blue Jay Way and the highpoint of the film (or even the band?) the great visual treat that is the clip for Lennon's I Am The Walrus.
Magical Mystery Tour

My top5 from 2012 is more like a list of what I can remember watching. Or maybe it's more a testament to Netflix changing my life...for the worse (as in bad taste, cheep entertainment)!

1. Two Days In New York (2012)
So I went to see just two films in the cinema last year and this was one of them. I love Julie Delpy and I loved her even more after seeing this film. Her film discussed many topics that related to where I am right now – like what happend to a relationship when you have a child – and then she made me laugh and Chris Rock really made me holler. It was my lone date with myself. The only one I had last year...

2. To Rome With Love (2012)
No one should be surprised that out of the two movies I saw in cinema last year one was a Woody.
What may come as a shock, is that I had my baby with me in the cinema. Yes, in Finland there is a monthly event called babykino: the cinema chooses a film with nothing scary or too sexy in it and the new mamas bring their babies along. It was a crazy event and I think I missed big parts of the movie. Yet, I was thoroughly entertained and right at home in Woody's touristic Rome. And somehow it's ok that Woody wanted Penelope to play the most stereotypical hooker...

3. Pretty Woman (1990)
The day after I started my free trial month with Netflix (I'm sorry for the amount of times I'm writing that word, they are not paying me or giving me free time) I navigated straight for Pretty Woman. I am sorry, because while the movie offended every molecule of my being and mocked my intelligence, I had a blast. How can it feel so good to be submitting myself to this trash and offense? I even wanted Julia Roberts' hair and considered reviewing the awful Eat, Pray, Love...

4. Say Anything (1989)
When we got Netflix and I started to browse through their romantic comedies and dramas Nick told me this film was actually good. I made a mental note to return to it and so I did one morning while putting a tired baby to sleep in a sling. I watch everything with no sound now, so that the baby can fall asleep and take his time but I don't get bored and impatient. One day he'll tell me that was a really stupid way to put him to sleep...Yes, the movie was alright and for an hour and a half I could relate to being a high-school kid again.

5. Evening (2007)
This one qualifies as one of the worst films I've ever watched. I have no idea why Claire Danes, Meryl Streep, Toni Collette and Vanessa Redgrave had anything to do with this one. I also don't know why I watched it from beginning to end. How is it even possible that those actresses could not get anything out of love, death and life? I'm telling you, never spend a second on this one. There's plenty of better things to do like write a love letter you will never send (or watch L-Word on Netflix).


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